1. How Diet Magic actually works?

Diet Magic is a 100% vegetarian meal replacement formula in powder form. Unlike harmful synthetic products for weight management, diet magic replaces your meal with a shake that helps boost metabolism while managing your weight at the same time. It offers multiple benefits; takes complete care of your digestive system, boosts immunity, shapes muscles & cuts on excess fat intake.

2. What is the Dosage of Diet Magic?

You need to take 2 scoops of Diet Magic (30 mg x 2) by mixing in a glass of water, skimmed milk or juice. This viscous shake replaces dinner or night meal.

3. Who can take Diet Magic?

Anyone with a body mass index above normal can use Diet Magic as a meal replacement formula. Ones with general malnourishment too can supplement (taken along with regular meals) their normal diet with it to achieve better health and appearance!

4. Is it safe for pregnant or lactating mothers to consume Diet Magic?

Yes, definitely! Diet Magic is absolutely safe for pregnant or lactating mothers. They can consume it without skipping meals. In fact, this will help them get better nutrition required for this critical phase of life. However, it is not advisable to try & lose weight during nursing or pregnancy.

5. What food one should otherwise eat while losing weight with the help of Diet Magic?

You should take lots of green salad, low-sugar & low-fat during Diet Magic course. It will help revitalize your body & boost energy levels for proper functioning of body. Also, lots of pulses, green veggies & fresh fruits are advisable along with this.

6. How to order Diet Magic?

You can buy Diet Magic via both online as well as Cash on Delivery (COD) mode of payment. You can either place order directly through the website, call, mail or fill COD order form on the website in case of COD mode of payment.

If opted for online mode of payment, there is a flat 10% discount available. We offer safe & secure payment gateways for our valuable customers. You can use debit or credit cards or net banking for online mode of payments. International buyers can pay through PayPal or debit or credit cards (COD mode is not available for overseas buyers).

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7. Is it available outside India?

Yes it is! You can pay via PayPal on our website or through your debit/credit card to get it delivered at your doorstep in almost all countries. To buy Diet Magic, click on ‘Buy Now’.

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